Compare Data Room Vendors in a New Way

Virtual data rooms are much like a “record room” that allows companies to store stockpiles of documents. Now, with data room software, you can access business documents 24/7 from anywhere and on any device.

Powerful Security Provided by the Data Room Vendors

The data room vendor treats with great respect the confidential (personal) information of all persons, without exception, who visited the site, as well as those who use the services provided by the site; in connection with this. The virtual data room tools and requirements are used to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure of user information, and to preserve and ensure the security of user information shared on the website. When a user uses the site, the virtual data room processes user data, namely:

    • cookie files;
    • IP addresses;
    • parameters and settings of Internet browsers (User-agent).

Access and Modify Files with the Virtual Data Room Vendors

The data room vendors ensure the creation of a secure online repository for storing and providing the complete package of documentation on objects ready for privatization. By ensuring the availability of the complete packages of documents. The data room vendors will help potential investors make more informed decisions regarding privatization objects. Your office documents are converted to a secure streaming format so you can control access and modify files while avoiding data leaks:

      • Password protected access to your data.
      • Setting permissions for documents and folders.
      • Fine-grained access control at different levels of users and accounts.
      • Transfer, receive, and store files using 256-bit SSL encryption.

The issues mentioned above will help you to compare vendors on It guarantees a high level of security and provision of access rights. The data room will allow you to grant permissions to specific users and control access to individual folders and files for buyers, sellers, and consultants. Confidential documents can be protected using digital security methods.

How to Compare the Data Room Vendors in a New Way?

To compare the data room vendors in a new way, it is recommended to take a look at the most popular ones:

      1. SecureDocs.

SecureDocs VDRs are highly affordable, simple, and secure platforms for seamless data storage and sharing. When it comes to flawless corporate document management, you can trust SecureDocs. Another plus of using SecureDocs Data Rooms is that you can set them up in just 10 minutes, and they can help you streamline your transaction process.

      1. DealRoom.

A large number of organizations optimize their business processes by using DealRoom, the environments in which they store documents and securely exchange files with employees and contractors. Such a repository, among other things, allows you to differentiate the rights of participants and set different levels of access to documents.

      1. Intralinks Deal Room

Intralinks now includes Shared Drives, which are created by an administrator for specific projects or departments. If an employee leaves, the files that he worked on together with colleagues will not be lost but will remain on the shared drive. It also facilitates the process of introducing a new employee to the course of affairs. It is enough to give him access to certain shared drives, and he will receive all the necessary files. An administrator can grant read-only, comment, or edit access.