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Beyond the Board Room: Virtual Data Rooms for Modern Business

The integration of data in business is due to the need for flexibility and speed of decision-making processes. One of the main benefits of virtual data rooms for modern business is that they empower non-technical business users to work with data, allowing them to bypass IT departments and reduce bottlenecks in data management. The Evolution […]

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The best boardroom software and its influence on daily activities

Digitalization is one of the most tremendous challenges that are faced by leaders. As it dictates new rules for success, the leader should have everything possible to follow their recommendations. In order to save time and spend more on investigating possibilities, we have prepared complex information about tremendous applications that are relevant for every organization. […]

Compare Data Room Vendors in a New Way

Virtual data rooms are much like a “record room” that allows companies to store stockpiles of documents. Now, with data room software, you can access business documents 24/7 from anywhere and on any device. Powerful Security Provided by the Data Room Vendors The data room vendor treats with great respect the confidential (personal) information of […]

Basic Meeting Procedures

Basic Meeting Procedures to Follow

Business meetings are events (including protocol), the purpose of which is to facilitate the establishment of mutually beneficial contacts between business representatives. How Are Business Meetings and Negotiations Going? Each person is an individual, which, in fact, is interesting. At the same time, a person cannot exist outside of society. Only in a team of […]


Instruments for Evaluation of Corporate Performance

A feature of assessing the effectiveness of social evaluation of corporate performance is the low level of manufacturability of management in this area. What Are the Instruments to Evaluate Corporate Performance? Corporate performance is understood by different economists and scientists: efficiency, the intensity of the system’s functioning, the degree of achievement of the goal, the […]

Committee Charter

Committee Charter Best Practices

Most committee charters do not provide for periodic external reviews of their activities or surveys with their stakeholders. What Should a Committee Charter Include? The committee charter best practices is an attempt to create a textbook on the rules of protocol and etiquette generally accepted in international communication based on the study of domestic and […]