Basic Meeting Procedures

Basic Meeting Procedures to Follow

Business meetings are events (including protocol), the purpose of which is to facilitate the establishment of mutually beneficial contacts between business representatives.

How Are Business Meetings and Negotiations Going?

Each person is an individual, which, in fact, is interesting. At the same time, a person cannot exist outside of society. Only in a team of his own kind does he assert himself as a person. The rules of basic meeting procedures presuppose the cultivation of universal forms of behavior that facilitate communication between people who demonstrate maximum peacefulness and respect for each other. Adherence to these norms takes on a special meaning in international communication since every state is also individual in its own right in its historical development, socio-economic structure, national and cultural traditions.

In addition, the need to use generally accepted international norms and rules of basic meeting procedures in work with foreign partners objectively contributes to their rooting and into the practice of relations between our compatriots. Society should not have double standards of behavior: for internal use and “for abroad”. The philosophy of behavior has its own laws that need to be known and not rediscovered by everyone. Knowledge presupposes study. Etiquette culture is included in the compulsory international standard minimum for academic education. The relevant academic discipline is taught throughout the world in higher education.

The most successful meeting of business nature will take place only if a relationship of trust is established between its participants. The parties must know their partner or partners well, and mutually strive to reach an agreement. Both individual and collective business meetings are essentially human communication, during which people influence each other with the help of their emotional and volitional qualities, intelligence, and also inform partners about their own positions in the business.

The Importance of Following Basic Meeting Procedures and Voting in a Meeting

What are the basic meeting procedures?

  1. Amending a motion or resolution.
  2. The role of the meeting chairperson.
  3. Quorum.
  4. Motions and resolutions.
  5. Putting forward and voting on a motion.
  6. General requirements for a meeting. All formal meetings must be properly convened in accordance with the association’s rules.
  7. Notice and agenda of the meeting.
  8. Special resolutions.

Besides, it is important to follow basic meeting procedures rules:

  • Business negotiations must be scheduled well in advance. Decide not only with the time but also with the discussion program, the structure of the conversation, and possible moves;
  • Come to the meeting in advance, leave yourself time to collect your thoughts;
  • Prepare all brochures, information materials, voting in a meeting and business documents;
  • Turn off all communications, or at least put it on silent mode. A loud melody during business negotiations is a sign of disrespect. If the call is very important to you, notify the other side of the event about it in advance;
  • Remember business etiquette. Speak confidently, even if the topic is unpleasant to you. Don’t interrupt your opponent or make an indifferent face. You must be considerate and respectful;
  • No matter how difficult a business meeting may be, the conversation should be conducted calmly. Do not make sudden movements and gesture less. Do not annoy your opponent with monotonous actions (for example, tapping a pencil on a table). Monitor your speech, avoiding the use of parasitic words;
  • Watch the time. The timing of a business meeting, including the time of its end, is negotiated in advance since every minute is precious for a businessman.